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At Whelan Pest Prevention we are committed to providing an excellent service to all our customers. With this in mind our principle from day one has been to achieve exceptionally high standards with a professional approach. This is something we will pass on to every franchisee!

Be Part of a Recognised Brand

As a Whelan Pest Prevention franchisee you get to use the Whelan Pest Prevention brand name. This will instantly enhance your position with potential clients as they are dealing with an established and reputable brand. Trading under the Whelan Pest Prevention brand will give you the credibility and confidence to get off to a good start!

Proven Business Formula

At Whelan Pest Prevention we have a proven business formula which will form the basis on which your franchise operates.

When you buy a franchise you buy a system. We have an already-established system in place that you will follow, these systems are designed to improve overall productivity and increase sales. We will teach you how to identify your target markets, generate leads using our proven techniques, convert them into paying clients and maximise your profits all from day one.

Shortcut to Success

With a franchise you will be following a proven system that creates growth and profits, which are both uncapped and highly rewarding. Franchising is essentially a business in a box, with training, security and full support from a knowledgeable franchisor.

Training and On-going Support

At Whelan Pest Prevention we want you to be the best that you can possibly be. Our on-going comprehensive training and support will give you the right foundations to build a successful business. Your training will cover all areas of the business and will combine both on the job and office based training. Having this training in conjunction with the back up and support of the original business helps you to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that most new businesses make. 

The Territory

You will be provided with a large territory giving you the opportunity to build a sizable business over the coming years and maximise your full potential.  Only you will be able to operate and market within your chosen territory.

Assistance with Raising Finance

If you need assistance with raising finance then we can provide you with a Business Plan Template that can be amended to suit your particular circumstances.

The Itchen Bridge in Southampton is one of Whelan Pest Prevention’s biggest achievements to date. First of all the bridge needed to be cleaned of the excessive amount of pigeon guano in the interior level of the bridge. Whelan Pest Prevention’s abseiling team were then instructed to abseil under the bridge and install a proofing net and specialist materials to ensure the bridge was protected from another infestation of pigeons. This was a massive part of Whelan Pest Prevention’s excellent reputation with industrial bird work and installing proofing devices